2012 Sponsor & Marketing Program

 2012 Grand Am Continental Tire Challenge Marketing Program

 #57 VW racing at Daytona

 Deep down, There’s a race car driver in all of us …  

Everyone has a little bit of a race car driver inside of them. The executive. The college student. Even the soccer mom. The sports car is enjoying a renaissance worldwide, and our passion for motorsports is bigger than ever. From the boardroom to the kids’ bedroom, auto racing has become an important part of our culture.

Buying into an established professional team is smart business. Racing fans and enthusiasts represent a highly desirable demographic, and have proved to be extremely loyal to companies who show support for their favorite sport. Sponsorship advertising is what makes professional motorsports possible, and the fans are just as aware of this as the teams they root for.

Building a marketing campaign involving the sponsorship of a professional auto racing team provides an exceptional return on investment for advertisers and marketers. Sponsorship is much, much more than just putting your name on the car and a couple of tickets. It’s a unique marketing engine that you can build a campaign around, entertain a customer with, or even use to reward valued employees, all while advertising your products or services to a highly desirable target audience. And, this is all done at a fraction of the cost of traditional media.

Professional motorsports sponsorship is also your ticket into the exciting world of auto racing from a participant’s perspective. Team sponsors and guests are treated like VIP’s at the races, and a full hospitality program can be developed to showcase your investment in the team to your customers, prospects and employees. 

Relationship Marketing  

Racing is a relationship marketing tool that allows your company to connect with the people who make the biggest difference to your business. It’s no accident that at most sports car races in America the paddock is filled with C-level executives from major (and middle and minor) companies. The atmosphere and access that sports car races provide are perfect for one-on-one entertainment-and in a world where most executives have been on golf trips and to countless cocktail parties, getting down and dirty in the pits next to a fire-breathing race  rocket and the maniac who drives it. This is a way to forge powerful relationships

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